Quentin Durual

Quentin Durual
Quentin Durual joined Abbey Road Institute Paris having already gained some experience in the music industry. 
He worked freelance in mixing and compostion as well as working on two festival of light projectsin Lyon 
before studying with us. He also studied in London for a year to make music and improve his English.
Following that he joined Abbey Road Institute Paris in 2017. 

After Quentin graduated at Abbey Road Studios, he travelled to Australia for a 3 month internship at 
the famous and well respected 'Studios 301'. Upon returning to France, he has been working on a variety 
of projects including composing for television through a company called "The Range". He continues 
working as mix engineer and as a session guitarist for performances, collaborating with artists such as 
Nicko Soulchildren odaiba, Paul Flint and Tony Dofat. You can find out more about Quentin on his 
Instagram account.